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30 June 2023 at 4:10pm
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AOF is an ASX-listed REIT that wholly owns a portfolio of properties located across Australian metropolitan and CBD markets.

Market Cap (24-Jun)

$229,314,288 (511th)

Close (30-Jun)


Volume (30-Jun)


Shortsold (17-Jun)

144,961 (0.09%) (426th)

52w High


52w Low






Final Director's Interest Notice


416,823 posts

AOF released this announcement to the ASX on 18 April 2023, 16:58. The announcement is not marked as price sensitive, and is 2 page(s) in length and 209.73kb in size.

You can view all announcements from AOF and see how they appear on a price chart on the announcements page.

At the date of this announcement, AOF was 0.000% short sold according to ASIC data. It was ranked the 645th most shorted stock on the ASX. It is now ranked as the 426th most shorted stock on the ASX with 0.088% of total shares short sold as of the latest reported data (17 June 2024).

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AOF was $1.57 at the close of trade on 18 April 2023, it is now $0.27 (16.88%) lower

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